Tripeur is an innovative Travel ERP system that manages all aspects of business travel: starting from pre-trip approval to managing travel policies to fulfilling all booking requests to expense reports. Tripeur is your one-stop-shop to manage anything to do with business travel. Whether you need to access your flight tickets or hotel reservation or keep track of all the expenses you incur during your business travel on-the-go, Tripeur is the only application you need.

Tripeur provides numerous options for a company to control how their employees manage their business travels. The administrator can restrict a set of employees to a small set of travel options, required stringent approvals and not allow any exceptions. At the same time, the admin can allow another group of employees to enjoy better travel options, lighter approval process and allow exceptions to the rules for these employees as well. With granular policy management, Tripeur allows a company to effectively manage their travel budget without any manual intervention.


Tripeur also provides a comprehensive dashboard for the admin or the CFO to see how the company’s travel budget is being spent. It allows the admin to see the money spent by service type, by department, by employees, by destination, etc.


The add-on product called BizTravelytics allows the CFO or the admin to get a deep understanding about their company’s travel patterns by allowing them to slice and dice the valuable travel data in many ways.

Expense Optimizer

Another add-on product called TravExOpt performs AI-based deep analytics on the travel data allowing the CFO or admin to tweak their policies and travel partnerships in order to optimize the company’s travel spend.

Policy Assistant

TraPoli helps the admin to tweak the policies in such a way to optimize the travel spend while balancing it with traveler convenience. It also provides several options that provide incentives to the employees in order to improve compliance and reduce costs.