Are you an active Business Traveller? How to stay healthy when travelling during winter?

The cold (flu and general bug) season has just started off and you find yourself feeling “under the weather.” Is the winter season staring at you as if it would swallow your soul, whole? And you have a whole lot of business trip to do. Remember it’s also the time when you aren’t at your best health-wise. The last thing you want is to travel through the icy winds, piercing you to the bone, when all you need is to go where the sun shines, and where the buds grow. Here is some ready advice on how to stay hale and hearty during those fervid trips this winter.

What you tick in your food menu counts more than anything else in a business trip. Whilst “grab it and go” and fast food types can be tempting, a wholesome diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables helps you keep you in good shape and full of beans, keeping illnesses at bay. If you find that healthy food options are beyond reach, go for supplements instead. Begin the day with a simple smoothie or yoghurt to strengthen your immunity system with antioxidants and probiotics.

Though travel itself sucks up a lot of energy making you tired, it does pay to do body stretching and flexing work-outs or hit the hotel gym to raise your immunity levels. If that’s too much an ask, take the stairs instead of using the lift or the escalator.

It is important to factor in sufficient time to turbo-recharge your batteries and hit the pillow amidst your hectic schedule: when you don’t get enough sleep, you run the risk of developing an unclear mind that deprives you of reflective thought, and poor mental well-being.

Here is a useful list of essentials you can’t do without on your winter travel

  • Antibacterial/viral hand sanitizer – remember you’re gonna a meet of lot of people and shake a lot of hands.
  • Disinfectant wipes – door knobs and handles in your hotel room and even your laptop or mobile/tablet gadgets could be potential carrier of germs and bacteria.
  • Supplements – required when you don’t have as healthy food shot around you.
  • A bottle of water – keeping your body hydrated on and off the plane is quite important; pack a space saving water bottle in your carry on always. Don’t forget to refill the bottle at the drinks fountain or collect a bottle in one of the stores in the departures.
  • Healthy (and calorie-free) snacks – dried fruit, cereal bars, and dark chocolates (if you prefer those) may come in handy as energy-boosters and prevent you from over-eating or stuffing in high sugars or salty snacks during the trip: optimizing your sugar levels, supplying you with the right nutrients and preventing you from over-dehydration.
  • Pain relief balms and a packet of tissues – you never know when you may need them.

What next? Sneeze! Ach cou! “Oh my…God bless you!”.