Tripeur is an end-to-end corporate travel management platform that uses advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to drive efficiency, ease of use, personalization and transparency for business travel by employees and executives alike

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Tripeur Is A 3rd Generation Platform

1st Gen
2nd Gen
3rd Gen

1st Gen

Pre – 2005

100% human effort

2nd Gen

2005 – 17

Combination of travel desk + OTAs

Still involves significant human effort

3rd Gen

2017 Onwards

End-to-end digitization powered by AI & ML

Human effort is minimal

We Use Advanced Technologies

Providing Value To Every Stakeholder

Across multiple platforms

Employee's Delight

From travel request and approval to booking and check-in, Tripeur offers Comfort and Convenience at the employee’s fingertips

Admin + Booking Panel

Employee travel policy adherence, supervision and configuration, handled with ease… Digitally!

CFO Dashboards

Expense management, reporting, audits and reconciliation effectively managed for Efficicient Cost Management


Services Fullfilled

Trips Handled

Corporate Hours Saved

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