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Podcast Series: Smartest corporate travel solution even when you are not traveling

Is downturn the right time to invest in a corporate travel solution?

by Thiagarajan, CEO and Sajit, COO at Tripeur

Corporate travel analytics that can help CFOs save money even during Covid

by Thiagarajan, CEO at Tripeur

Most comprehensive corporate travel solution

email bots-based booking engine

Send an email with travel request and our email bots will do the rest for you. The seamless booking engine will enable fast, frictionless travel arrangements capable of handling varied requirements.

Comprehensive spend analytics 

Analyze the travel spend, get trend analysis and recommendations on best possible ways to reduce the travel costs 

Real-time recommendations

Get real-time recommendations and alerts to save money through booking on time, getting the right travel plan and signing the right corporate deals

Designed to deliver personalized experiences

Whether you are a CFO, Travel Admin or a Traveler, the platform recognizes you and speaks to you as your virtual yet a personal assistant

AI-led travel bots make it all possible

Savings that CFOs love

The intelligent platform based on AI and Analytics will ensure that the user behaviors are changed to deliver YoY savings on travel spends. 


Real-time recommendations

Users get persuasive recommendations on possible savings. You can dynamically change the travel policies based on the market conditions 


Transparent costs

Travel bookings, corporate deals, travel spend are visible at a single click giving a real-time view on all travel-related costs


Trust and compliance

From corporate deals to GST to invoice reconciliations to refunds – all are tracked to minimize frauds and to build trust 

Experiences that Travelers love

Tripeur ensures 100% user adoption through the simple and easy to use conversational UI. The bots reduce the entire travel planning from weeks to a few minutes.


Ease of booking

No learning curve is required to use the system. Users just need to send the email and the conversational UI based bots will do the rest


Virtual travel assistant

Tripeur is like a virtual travel assistant in the pocket for the travelers. The 24X7 support will ensure that your travel is safe and on time


Predictable service

No more surprises during your business travel and no more waiting near airports or hotel lobbies. Your travel will be seamless

Efficiencies that Travel Admins love 

The travel bots do all the heavy lifting of managing the entire travel plan. Your team can now focus on ensuring that the travel policies are adhered and ensure large savings. 


Automated travel management

The entire process from raising request to approvals to booking to alerts is all automated saving at least 70% of the traveldesk bandwidth


Ever-growing inventory

Tripeur, on a weekly basis, adds new inventory of hotels, flights, trains, buses etc to ensure that you get the best deal and best choice


Make travel a proactive function

You can now make travel a proactive function with all the data and intelligence about the travelers, deals and trends. 

24 Hours is all it takes to experience the power of Tripeur

No longer cycles of configuration. The platform is specially designed for Travellers, CFOs and the Travel Admins. It is ready-to-use and easily integrates with your existing infrastructure.  

Thousand transactions delivered so far


Annual savings delivered to CFOs

Thousand hours saved of travel teams and travelers

Success stories

180% faster response to travel requests

See how Tripeur increased the corporate travel team efficiency by 180% within a few months for the leader in courier delivery services

4500 Travels Enabled per Month

How did Tripeur seamlessly scale-up with the travel needs of this fastest-growing startup that ramped up from 80 to 22K employees within 2 years? See how.

100% automated travel management

See how Tripeur fully automated the travel management for this online home interior design platform


Aswani Kumar Gupta, National Head of Administration, DTDC

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For CFOs

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For Travel Admins

Unbelievable efficiency and ever-growing inventory for Travel Admins

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