Our Story - Tripeur is all about making travel an automated one

Tripeur was founded in December 2015 by Sajit Chacko and Thiagarajan Rajagopalan with a vision to transform the entire business travel space from a completely manual and inefficient process to a fully automated and efficient one. Tripeur is re-imagining business travel with its Travel ERP product called Tripeur, that brings efficiency and cost savings to companies of all sizes. Tripeur manages all aspects of business travel from trip approval to travel policies to expense reports, and provides actionable insights into all travel related expenses. This enables companies to lower their travel spends, improve compliance to travel policies, and enhance the overall travel experience of their employees.

What started out as a grand vision is quickly becoming a reality step by step. Tripeur counts among its customers companies of all sizes - from startups with a handful of travelers to large companies with hundreds of travelers. Tripeur’s product is used by the customers for various reasons:

  • To streamline their human-intensive travel desk with end-to-end automation
  • To get control over frequent offenders of company travel policy
  • To get insights into all travel related expenses
  • To simply reduce travel costs