Sandy & Vyjay

Twitter: @IMVoyager

Content: Travel is an expensive proposition and savings on any if not all of its elements goes a long way in reducing overall costs. The best travel hack that we swear by is to travel during to places during the off-season. This has multiple advantages. Flights and accommodation are cheaper and also the crowds are much less and you can enjoy the experience more.

Bio: We are Sandy & Vyjay, a travel blogging couple based out of India and traveling across the world. Travelling and writing are our twin passions. We love to do immersive travel that is filled with experiences ranging from nature, culture, to adventure. We share our travel experiences on our blog as well as through articles in various publications. We partner with Brands for destination and brand promotion on our site as well as social media handles.


Twitter: @travelsofadam

Content: The best way to get the most out of your travels with the least amount of money and worry, is to actually track your expenses as you go. If you track everything, you’ll have a better sense of what you’re spending and where, and with that you can make immediate decisions on what to prioritize in the future.

Bio: Adam Groffman is a gay travel blogger and writer based in NYC.

Karolina Klesta

Twitter: @karolinapatryk

Content: Think before doing. Sometimes you can achieve your goals by finding a shortcut. Plan everything you need to do carefully and find a way to do it faster and cheaper.

Bio: Karolina Klesta is a co-founder of Lazy Travel Blog, entrepreneur and full-time traveler.

Tammilee Tillison

Twitter: @TammileeTips

Content: Our best travel hack is to sign up for airfare alerts from your favorite airlines. Follow their social handles for flash sales and great deals to the destinations you dream of visiting.  We have a designated travel fund set aside for great travel deals and getaways. We are always on the lookout for a new adventure and love being able to grab a flash sale deal.

Bio: Tammilee is the owner/writer for Tammilee Tips a lifestyle travel blog that shares travel tips, recipes to inspire you and beautiful travel photos.

Brenna Holeman

Twitter: @SuitcaseBrenna

Content: It may sound like common sense, but I still believe in the power of a great guidebook or ebook when I travel. I rely on well-established publishers like Lonely Planet and Rough Guides for basic information about where I’m going, and I find an hour with a guidebook often gives me much more concrete information about my destination than hours of searching through websites and forums online.

While the information isn’t always exactly up-to-date in guidebooks (I would still go online to book hotels and check transportation updates or visa and vaccination regulations), I know I’ll get at least a rough overview of things like popular destinations, common routes, average costs, daily weather, things to look out for, and so on. Not only is all the information right there in one place, I also trust what I’m reading!

Bio: Brenna Holeman has travelled to nearly 100 countries over the past 13 years, many of them solo. She is a full-time travel writer and blogger. She loves new books, old cars, window seats, and whisky.

Paula McInerney

Twitter: @gordyandpaula

Content: A good travel hack to save time when organising your vacation is to be aware that not all booking sites are equal. In fact dynamic pricing …where they know what you are looking for …and the prices suddenly and mysteriously rise. This applies particularly to booking accommodation. To save time you need to be aware that different web browsers and different computers will yield very different results if you are booking accommodation online or even flights. You might like to read Traveler Alert: Which Web Browser Should you Use to Save Money? To save valuable time and money.

Bio: Contented Traveller is Paula and Gordon, it is us…and we are nice. Seriously we are. We are consummate professionals because we are passionate about what we do. As Award Winning Professional Travel Writers we write about experiences, destinations, food and give a lot of handy travel tips.

Charli Moore

Twitter: @WanderlustersUK

Content: The best travel hack I’ve found is the concept of house and pet sitting. An affordable way to see expensive and offbeat destinations, by looking after someone else’s home and pets I stay in places rent free, have the time to really explore the locations I visit, and the opportunity to maintain my schedule of freelance work which finances further travel! If you’ve never considered it, read my guide to house and pet sitting here –

Bio: Charli Moore is an adventure enthusiast who has been location independent since 2011. A freelance writer and editor of the travel blog, she has a penchant for adrenaline highs and crunchy peanut butter. Follow her on Instagram @WanderlustCharli to feed your wanderlust.

Charles McCool

Twitter: @CharlesMcCool

Content: Not many business travelers think of this but I love the idea of looking at vacation rentals for lodging. If you travel by yourself, you will have more space, better amenities, at a (potentially) lower price. If more than one person from the company travels together, each will have their own private sleeping space along with the shared living room and kitchen space, which facilitates conversation and meeting prep.

Bio: Charles McCool works with destinations and brands to promote fun and unique travel experiences to highly engaged audiences. McCool Travel reaches active and passionate travelers throughout the world.

Audrey Scott and Daniel Noll

Go for an executive lunch.

That is, plan lunch to be your biggest meal and choose a restaurant with a specific lunch menu, one which changes daily or weekly. In many parts of the world, these offers are often referred to as an “executive lunch”. Menus are typically multi-course, dishes listed are usually served quickly, and the cost runs typically a fraction of a similar meal at night. We find this approach saves time as well as money. And it usually doesn’t skimp on quality or experience, especially if you know where and how to look, including asking a local for a recommendation. Use the time you save to get back to business, or perhaps even enjoy a stroll around.

If you choose your restaurant and lunch menu strategically, this approach can also offer a way to sample high-end, expensive restaurants for a more reasonable price tag than you might at night.

Bio: Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott are the husband and wife storytelling team behind the award winning travel blog, Uncornered Market. More than 10 years and 90 countries later, they are still going…and still married.

Dave and Deb

Twitter: @theplanetd

Content: My best travel hack for time-saving is to hire an assistant as soon as you can afford it. The sooner you can expand your business, the better you will do. If you can hand off easy tasks to someone else, you will have the freedom to focus on the important things that will grow your business.

For money saving in social media marketing, we advise learning as much as you can yourself. The more you know, the savvier you’ll be at hiring. Too many people hire people to do the work for them, and end up hiring the wrong person or someone not qualified. If you understand your needs and know how to do it, you can then hire more efficiently. So in essence, know what you are doing yourself before you go and hire a team to do it for you.

For productivity, my best advice is to not let yourself go down the rabbit hole. I never go on social media first thing in the morning and never get too involved in discussion groups. It is important to learn from groups in your field, but don’t spend all your time answering questions and getting overly involved. This can be a huge time suck. Instead, I focus on my to-do list. Put yourself first and do the jobs that have a deadline or need to be done at the top of your list. I also only answer emails twice a day. You can waste a lot of time answering emails as they come in. I go through emails in the morning to see what is most important to respond to. And then go through them at the end of the day to clear out what is left.

Bio: Dave and Deb are an adventure travel couple who run the popular travel They were named one of the Top 10 Travel Influencers in the world by Forbes and have won numerous blogging and photography awards including back to back gold at the Society for American Travel Writers. They have been featured by the likes of BBC, Martha Stewart, Red Bull and Lonely Planet.


Twitter: @TravelDudes

Content: My background is being a travel agent. So I pretty much know how to find cheap flights. My best tip is to compare prices! You can’t say where you get them in general, as this is such a huge and complicated market. There are online sites which help you to find very cheap flights and with routes you would have never have thought of. But often those are not up to date and when you try to book these, they are not available anymore. Or they might not show even all airlines for that route, as they don’t earn enough with the recommendation they do. I had that myself.

If you go to a travel agent, you have to be lucky to find one who knows how to use his booking system. If he does, he will find you a really good flight and quickly. Sometimes they can help you with consolidator tickets, which you wouldn’t find on the internet. But most of the time I found the best rates on the airlines’ website itself. So compare them all!

Extra tip: Delete your browser’s cookies, as they might save important data, which might increase the ticket prices with the next search. Have a good flight!

Bio: Melvin, the founder and CEO of Travel Dudes and COO of iambassador, is one of the top travel influencers online. On Twitter there are over 270.000 followers and he gets on over 8.500 Twitter lists recommended. That’s top 3 in travel! The facebook page got as well over 125,000 fans.

Andrew Bender

Twitter: @wheresandynow

Content: Time equals productivity in my book, so I try to keep the planning part of my trip as simple as possible. For example, I stick to one airline where I have a routine, and even at home I keep a suitcase always loaded with essentials – toiletries, sleepwear, an extra sweatshirt – eliminating the need to pull all these together each time I travel. I can focus on what I’ll need for the immediate trip.

I also try to travel as light as possible. Not just with luggage – carry-on bags are a no-brainer to eliminate the need to wait around at the baggage carousel – but also by taking ride-hailing services instead of taxis (how much???) or renting cars (time-consuming, and you have to hassle with and pay for parking). If the city is traffic-choked but has good public transportation system to the airport – like Tokyo, San Francisco or New York – I find it’s often even faster and less expensive to take the train from the airport. And rental cars? Please. They’re time-consuming, and you have to hassle with or pay for parking – I use them only in spread-out places with few other sensible options, like Texas.

And a word about laundry: it sounds like such a simple thing, but it’s amazing how much time and mental energy we spend on it. I personally hate paying exorbitant hotel laundry fees, and hate even more having my hotel room filled with hand-washed clothes in various states of drying, so I try to choose hotels with self-serve laundry machines. I use the down time between wash cycles to get work done (talk about productivity!). If you use the hotel laundry facilities, I have one request: be sure to keep track of the time on the washers and dryers to be courteous of other users!

Bio: Award-winning travel and food writer Andrew Bender writes the Seat 1A travel site for Forbes and articles and guide books for dozens of other publications from the Los Angeles Times to Lonely Planet.