Business travel, just like anything, can have its highs and lows, but regular business travellers learn that any tough situation is a test of sorts and can be overcome. Here are the seven habits of highly effective business travellers:

  • Pack like a pro:

Road warrior keeps a case ready with the basics stacked inside it including toiletries such as toothpaste, toothbrush, makeup and even deodorant. With a handy list of things to be packed, protravellers know what needs to be packed before heading on to a tour, and they always carry on in a case when they’re required to change their flight plans at the last minute.

  • Leverage the application of technology:

Technologies such as AI, Machine learning, Blockchain and Intelligence bots have made the life of a business traveller exciting. Today’s traveller use travel management tools like Tripeur to become more travel policy compliant, efficient, make an automatic booking, go errorfree, and use data for a safer travel.

  • Checkin early, or late:

Experienced travellers check in for their flight a day in advance because they can get their preferred seats or upgrade priority can go high that way. Efficient travellers also look to fly exclusively in the early morning because these fights are least frequently cancelled or delayed. And they also know the advantages of an early check-in or extending their stay with a late check-out.

  • Ask and they will receive:

Regular business travellers may realize the importance of upgrades for a better travel experience, be it an upgraded room, better seat, or a table at a notsoeasytoreserve restaurant. All they do is that they just ask for it. Inexperienced travellers, on the other hand, may attribute this to luck or charm.

  • Take a risk:

It is so easy to live in your comfort zone. Go the extra mile by accommodating all of your dining requirements at the local bar instead of availing room service. Pick up a conversation with the person sitting next to you. That’s a smart way to make a business connection or you might simply learn a thing or two about the city.

  • Making time for oneself:

There is a tendency to pack to the brim. This is particularly true on corporate travel.  If you are an experienced traveller, you will know how to make time for yourself. Whether it is visiting a place, or hitting the gym, it is important to keep yourself from exhaustion.

  • An openminded approach:

The differentiating factor between an experienced and a novice is not in the execution or planning, but setting things right when they go wrong: planning for worst-case scenarios and leaving their options open during flight delays, delayed meetings or unplanned occasions. They view every adversity as an opportunity.

Here is a bonus habit: Don’t forget to have some fun. Business travel, however much grinding it may seem, shouldn’t bog you down. There is something new everything you visit a place. A positive attitude matters a lot!

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