There can be a number of reasons why you may want to migrate to managed travel, but whatever be the reason, you must ensure you have potential reasons to do so and that your goals are aligned in the process. Therefore, if you are planning to shift gears towards a more sustainable approach to managed travel, ask yourself these four questions first to check if you are on the right track.

State your current objectives:

Bring in all relevant stakeholders starting from your bookers right down to the finance team. It always pays to get inputs and pointers from different departments within the organization to find out what they actually look for in the travel management process. This means you need to consider what everybody in the organization generally expects when it comes to travelling for business.

Is there something that is different?

Shifting to managed travel is considered a good time to review your current travel management suite. Gather as much as information you can from the finance team to see how your current travel spends stand, and how it can steer ahead in future. Consider changes, if any, to be made to the travel policy, and further include them as possible recommendations.

List your top-level objectives

Using the data from the finance department and other organizational teams, you should fit your broader business objectives into your travel policy and program. The KRIs may include cost savings, traveller autonomy, traveller safety and Duty of Care among others. The more relevant the KRIs, the better will be the company’s travel policy. Ultimately, it should point towards achieving specific travel needs.

Having a TMC partner:

If you are partnering with a TMC, list all what you would expect with your new TMC. If you have made up your mind to go for a 360-degree travel management suite, then talk to our team today and explore the range of solutions transforming business travel. So there you go, you should now be equipped with the answers required to evaluate your choices before shifting to managed travel.

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