Some travellers take stock of behavioural rewards, while others necessarily don’t. There is, however, the bigger promise of a reward for making a particular business travel booking decision, considered an effective way to getting the nod from corporate travellers, and reward them in a way after their trip that reinforces travel compliance.

There was a time when gamification in the form of points and badges used to entice staff and keep them motivated. But no more – it didn’t work enough to instruct the business travellers what to do and what not to do when booking a trip. Or in other words, there wasn’t any compelling reason.  Therefore, many companies started issuing workers gift and loyalty cards for doing the right thing every time. For example, a $200 Amazon gift card, as it turns out, can be more than suasive towards making one travel compliant than show-ups like imaginary points or digital badge. The general consensus among the business leaders is that behavioural rewards can resonate with corporate travellers, and this definitely rings true in the case of travel policy compliance.

Travel managers should focus on offering tools and solutions for employees travelling to engage with behavioural content irrespective of the booking funnel.

No two companies are the same when it comes to implementation of travel policies, so it can be challenging for a travel manager to formulate a rewards program that work like a charm across all stakeholders. This is because every company may have different goals concerning travel management and finance departments.

Though Travel managers are the admins of the travel program, they aren’t actually at the value end of things, so they are more task-focussed rather than putting behavioural rewards at the top of the list, which certainly matters for other participants in the value chain. Also, not all companies would like the idea of cash even when their number one priority is to drive travel policy compliance.

It is important for companies to be playful and creative when it comes to rewards and few companies, in fact, are opening up to the idea, though not still mainstream. The role of behavioural modification can go a long way in the area of business travel booking and compliance. Technology too will have its own bit of space in rewarding employees. That is why Tripeur is more of a behavioural change platform to connect with employees dishing out the right experience, and not a tool cut-out for only cost-reduction. Remember employees are more receptive to positive feedback than policing. What will be interesting to note is how the business world buys in to the concept of behavioural rewards moving beyond travel.

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