The idea of business travel always carries a glam appeal—room service in bed, company sponsored filet mignon, meetings by the pool side—there can be no denying that.  But if you’re just starting out, you will quickly learn that business travel is a tad tricky considering you need to spend longer nights, get up for early morning meets, do some quick munching (and often unhealthily) and gotta booze a lot (and those who do, of course).

And there is that ominous cloud casting over your head – the issue of a co-worker looking to share your room, car rental politics, or how to politely say ‘no’ to a client that asks you to join over a drink and so on. The following are some of the four toughest calls to take on business travel and how to deal with them effectively:

  1. Who does what?
    When you are travelling in a group, you are always put in a dilemma over who should be driving the car, or let’s say you expect your boss at the wheel and you you’d rather feel comfy guiding him with the directions. The ‘who does what’ question would certainly seem quite big then. The answer lies in your understanding and adjustability with the travel group – as simple and complicated as that.
  2. The rules of sharing a room
    Don’t be misguided by our expertise. No, not in this case. There is nothing like rules of sharing a room. You have to pick your closest office pal, if you are lucky enough, or someone whom you’re comfortable sharing your private space with. If that’s not the case, you need to clearly draw a clear line between the two extremes: privacy and intrusion. Another point is to be bit open-minded because the results may have surprising benefits, you never know.
  3. Calling it a night (when everyone else hang out for a drink)
    This may require some thinking on your part rather than plainly saying ‘no’ or  heading straight for a booze. Celebrations during the trip are fine (and they’re important too!) as long as they don’t push you to put off today’s work for another day. Also, there is a very thin line between ‘moderate’ and ‘binge’ drinking when you’re out there with your client. Demonstrate a great level of etiquette or stick to the protocol laid down by your company.
  4. What do you eat?
    This is truly a personal call. No doubt. The golden rule here is to think healthy, eat healthy and stay healthy at all throughout the trip. A tough ask, may be. Squeeze in 30-45 minutes of active work-out if the hotel you are put up with has a decent gym.

While business travels do’s and don’ts are plentiful, other tough calls to take include what and how much to pack and how to spend per diem all along. A travel management suite such as Tripeur can do the guessing for you as it covers almost all the concerns addressed above in the form of travel management policy. All said work travel can more than make up for these concerns with diligent planning and follow-throughs.

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