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Is business travel any better than holidays?

It’s so easy to dismiss the topic itself as an ongoing discussion, and rightly so, if you may. But let’s remember that on holiday you’re a consumer, never a participant. Business travel is all about participation, in addition to being a traveler, of course. Leisure travel is more about staying mobile. The thought of staying away from your family at times due to business travel can ebb your spirit away. Whatever, the difference between business and leisure travelers have different travel needs, wants, patterns, behavior and tools.

  • For a business traveler the meeting, conference or any business event venue is almost his or her second home. They can’t afford to waste time in needless leisure activities unless otherwise approved in the company’s travel policy.
  • The business traveler should always stay in the communication loop of clients and colleagues during his/her business trip. Providing continuous access to important folders, files, documents and emails is a must.
  • Travelling employees can’t book hotels or go for their preferred airline partners if they don’t fall within the company’s designated travel policy.
  • The business traveler needs to be well prepared for work and may expect basic amenities including breakfast, iron and ironing board and coffee machine, etc to beat the morning rush.

If you’re a leisure traveler, you may expect the best bang for your bucks, not essentially cheap, but the perfect deal cut out for your  spend. Leisure travelers are free to choose the hotels of their choice based on reviews or word-of-mouth. They always look for the best deals, packages and seasonal offers first; next comes the experience, compared to business travelers who have strings attached to what they prefer to do.

Pools, kids & health club, spa, dining outlets and evening entertainment draw leisure travelers, as the emphasis is more on pleasure. A successful business trip depends on how you understand the needs and wants of your customers. Enterprises should provide an ideal mix of business and leisure or ‘bleisure’ to their workforce for the best results without burning a hole in their pockets.

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