If you are a frequent corporate traveller, you are in for a myriad of benefits including expanded customer outreach and proliferation into up and coming new business markets for your firm, while you gain valuable business insights and learn new skills in the process. But remember the costs associated with such efforts can be daunting for an organization.

Let us add a few bits and pieces concerning expenses that come to mind: hotel stay, laundry, parking, restaurant meals, and several other incidental fees, and if you are a cost-conscious business owner or a CFO, you can find the travel costs escalating to a new high. Though we have discussed several ways to control travel costs, in general terms,service in our previous attempts, this post will focus on how going for our cloud-based travel platform, Tripeur can actually help you build robust and extensive partnerships with travel service providers and produce significant cost savings.

This is pretty much an overlooked factor. Features such as employee tracker, self-booking tool, custom app personalization, travel analytics, integrated trip approval, default expense reports and travel policy compliance are all built into Tripeur to minimise your travel expenses. But equally important for you is to partner with the right travel service partners and providers that will help cut down on your travel expenses. Tripeur allows you to associate easily with a range of travel partners, service providers and suppliers alike to give real value for your travel expenses.

Tripeur is an excellent platform to build a combination of vendor relationships, suppliers, negotiated offers & discounts, in addition to client travel data analysis and performance metrics. This combo helps to realize significant savings, supporting the strength of your purchasing power. We have brought in the strongest possible service to our users through this feature. By maintaining robust business relationships with several travel vendors and suppliers, your employees get the best travel service on offer.analytics

With Tripeur, simply at the click of a button, you, as a business owner or the CFO of a company, are almost assured that employees are in the right hands during their travel, wherever they are, every step of the way. They will be guaranteed of the best services at the best possible price, and at the same time, maintain a strict travel spending regime. Tripeur’s integrated powerful reporting helps negotiate better deals with vendors.

By carefully negotiating with your travel vendors with the help of Tripeur, you take complete control of expenses management, and create greater engagement between the traveller and company sides, with a comprehensive data stream. This feature in fact, besides Tripeur’s travel tech and compliance policies, creates a one-stop experience for all your travelling staff and executives. Talk with us, as we help you create a much immersive and meaningful experience in your travel vendor and service provider relationship.

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