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Corporate T&E platform Tripeur acquired by Navan India

Sajit Chacko

Sajit Chacko


Tripeur Travel Desk

Bangalore-based corporate travel and expense management platform Tripeur has recently been acquired by American T&E platform Navan, Inc. As of April 6th, 2023, Navan has officially entered the growing Indian corporate travel and expense management industry.  Here’s a short read with everything you need to know about this acquisition.

An introduction to Tripeur and Navan

Tripeur has been helping Indian corporates streamline their travel bookings and control travel expenditure since 2015. 

The company leverages AI and machine learning to ensure corporate travelers have a hassle-free, enhanced, and efficient travel experience. The company has also made it easier for finance departments to handle expense reconciliations by introducing a host of high-value features.

Navan has also been in the travel and expense management industry on a global scale since 2015. Their platform boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface powered by AI and intelligent data. 

The company has been expanding its global footprint rapidly, having made acquisitions in the UK, Germany, Sweden, and Spain over the last two years. The Tripeur acquisition gives Navan a strong foothold in India’s growing $35 billion travel market. 

What the acquisition brings to the Indian market

With the acquisition of Tripeur, Navan now has under their banner a company with experience in local inventory management and a deep understanding of how the Indian corporate travel market works. 

This will help Navan easily connect with Indian budget-friendly air carriers and other public transportation entities while also getting Tripeur’s expertise in areas such as GST reconciliation on employee expenses.

As a result, the Indian market can expect to experience a globally consistent, technologically superior, unparalleled travel and expense management experience that still specifically caters to Indian needs. 

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