A trusted client of ours with whom we have had the privilege of associating closely on travel management solutions seemed to be apprehensive of making a key change in their strategy. No wonder, though we helped them, it always pays to re-think your company’s travel management strategy to make travel better for you and everyone in your organization. Are you on the road ahead for a strategy overhaul? Read this week’s blog to understand the value they bring to the table.

Chained to the desk:

It is a busy world out there, and let us face it, as we bury ourselves inundated with work, and more of it. The need to balance a plethora of tasks requires that travel should be already sorted, with critical projects on ice. While you constantly work on the improvements to be made in your business travel solutions, the stats and numbers may actually help you unravel useful data to help with the process, and this is an area where Shorebird Tech can make a cut above the rest. Using our Tripeur system, you will be able to view all real-time reports on the various facets of business travel. While you are provided with a lot of reports with Tripeur, more comprehensive analytics are provided by BizTravelytics, a Value Added Module to buttress your efforts.

Lack of knowledge:

While there is the need to re-think your travel management strategy, this very task can add on to your existing pile of tasks. As a result, starting off on the strategy can turn to be an uphill task, the primary reason being lack of knowledge. Shorebird Tech helps you initiate or even re-engineer your current travel strategy by designing end-to-end travel processes and policies. Our expert consultants can work in tandem with your team to understand and integrate your travel policies and put them into action.

Lack of internal resource for managing change:

Changing suppliers midstream can prove detrimental, particularly when travel is, more often than not, a personal experience. Brooding over changeover and resource selection cost, in itself, is part of the travel management strategy. Choosing us for your organization would spell greater control over your change strategy and managing your new provider every step of the way. Our solutions and product suite should enable the change process to sail shore smoothly, and re-thinking your existing travel strategy should be a cinch with our expert team.

Planning for the future:

Redesigning your company’s travel strategy for the future should entail sound digital technology platform that is custom-made and tailored to suit individual preferences in line with the company’s travel policies and business objectives. Data Intelligence is an area that needs to be integrated and made part and parcel of the overall strategic process to enhance and improve several areas of a business travel program. Let us assist you to make that all vital strategic digital change, as we understand that travel is for everyone.

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