Let’s continue from where we left off in the previous blog. As we pointed out, there are lot more compelling reasons to do away with your corporate travel agent.

Gain increased flexibility:

Many a time travel managers go through situations where over-dependency on a travel agency would result in erroneous cases such as misspelled names and incorrect bookings. It can be harder to correct when a travel agent commits any error. Already stressed-out travel managers can’t be expected to do any magic.

By shifting away from a traditional travel agent mode, a travel manager or admin desk could regain visibility, control and flexibility. Travel agents cannot be relied upon furnishing information such as travel spend, breakdowns on travel expenditure and who’s breaking booking rules and so on. Now if all these and more can come integrated in a single travel management software or app which, in any case, is faster and efficient, why still cling to the past?

No more beating about the bush:

There is no denying that business travelers have had their share of bad experience trying to book flights or hotels through travel agents. Though appreciable efforts go into fixing customer issues, a lot of valuable time gets lost too. Bring autonomy into the picture; traveler satisfaction is up for the takes. Allowing employees self-manage with a sound travel management tool can reduce travel spend, enhance traveler safety and offer improved travel experience.

With the industry undergoing a sea of change, it serves little purpose, if any, holding on tightly to legacy travel agencies. When we have no qualms about managing our own calendars and interacting with multiple project management tools, why not invest in a cloud-based travel management tool like Tripeur to move into the future with built-in travel spend management and reimbursement features, real-time reporting through dashboard, advanced analytics and booking tools, among others for better decision making and improved travel policy adherence? Talk to us today and control every single aspect of your organization’s business travel program.

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