Traveling for business, either on your own or with your colleges, is never a smooth ride. This is because there is a high probability of travel plans failing big time leading to the traveler’s frustrations. In the concluding part of the blog, we come up with more travel issues, and, as we see, every issue is fixable; modern technology does come to aid, wherever supposedly possible.

  • If you’re a travel manager, ensure your business travelers are immediately notified of the flight delays, cancellations and gate changes in advance. Should an entire trip subject to short-notice travel changes or disruption, always have a “plan B” from the start. This way you don’t have to be taken unawares and prepare yourself – just in case. There are scores of other options including mobile travel apps, pro-active assistance from a dedicated travel management team or third-party travel consultant team.  In addition, travel plan changes may trigger a single call to re-schedule your trip and make trip changes whenever required. This can instill a sense of confidence in the employees, and help them anticipate and sail through unpredictable situations.
  • Offering your employees an extra layer of comfort during business travel may positively impact employee retention as well as promote duty of care. Though comfort is not a means to an end itself, it plays a vital role in the business travel process, and it needn’t have to be expensive. These days, there are even flying economy where there are better food and increased legroom. If an economy class is the only option, then book a seat in the emergency exit rows or the first row where there’ll be expanded legroom.  Plus, you could avail of airline corporate mileage schemes that give you free perks and added traveller benefits.
  • The intersection of ‘business’ and ‘pleasure’ termed ‘bleisure’ or ‘bizcation’ is on the rise. Whether a company likes it or not, it offers the travellers the leeway to take a breather and explore the destination in the case of a long or delayed flight. Motivated employees understand the importance of productivity and the need to strike the right work-life balance. Though Bleisure is still a grey area when it comes to dealing with expenses, a travel policy that embraces it, or even a portion of it, is deemed important to enhance traveller satisfaction, motivation and productivity.
  • A business traveller’s worst nightmare lies in coping with the language anxieties and unfamiliar customs and cultures. Companies can afford to offer basic to advanced training in global languages’ communication on a long-term basis for on-site jobs and business trips as a worthwhile investment.
  • Business travel service is still wishy-washy when it comes to the improvement of traveller satisfaction and wellness. Tripeur, being a pro-active travel management suite, ensures companies understand the importance of traveller needs and satisfaction with the required tools, built-in support, recommendations and information tailored to suit individual travellers’ needs.
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