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The smartest ERP for your travel function

Sajit Chacko
Tripeur Travel Desk

Tripeur is the only vendor-neutral platform, that can help an org go digital, optimize purchases, democratize vendors, and identify gaps, with opportunities for savings. 


  1. Tripeur is the only vendor-neutral middleware that helps org manage a multi-vendor scenario and optimize costs.
    • Granular budget management
    • Multi-Vendor platform
    • Single invoice repository
  1. Tripeur helps you identify and reduce travel costs.
    • Reduce Leakages
    • Optimize purchase TAT
    • Integrate global and negotiated content


  1. Tripeur is the only middleware vendor-neutral platform that works for our customers, in managing complex multi-vendor, multi-service ecosystems having challenges around seamless coordination and transactional reconciliation.
    • Budget configuration across departments/sub-departments and cost centers, with alerts and notifications for both function heads and users.
    • Open API to connect with all vendors for seamless request and fulfil interactions.
    • Single unified interface for all vendors to upload and update transactional vouchers and invoices.
  1. Tripeur’s logging, monitoring and alert system tracks each action by travelers, approvers, and vendors. The logs expose challenges, in the current system and suggest opportunities to optimize costs around behavior, errors, timings, and negotiation.
    • Tripeur’s technology helps eliminate all layers between the purchaser and the vendor. Travelers are monitored and influenced for best behavior and vendors are monitored for optimal compliance.
    • 80% of the transactions happen with no offline mediations, thus helping us deliver tickets in under 2 mins. For the balance 20%, Tripeur connects the vendor directly to the traveler and monitors TAT with no fat in between.
    • Tripeur is the only platform, that can offer you content of your choice while nudging you to optimize that content. Tripeur’s analytics suggest to you, vendors, that need renegotiations and services that need to be consolidated based on the demand pattern.


  1. Today most orgs have set up a manual monitoring and controlling system, that coordinates and manages a multi-vendor landscape. This manual middle function creates lag in fulfilment and is cost intensive.
    • The org can allocate the budget, set the rules, configure the vendors, and trust us to manage the implementation. This is important because allocating a budget is the first step to optimizing the cost. Tripeur ensure budget compliance.
    • Currently managing a request and ensuring fulfilment through multiple vendors, cost time and man hours. This cost and lag drain up to 15% of your budget. Tripeur automates that and saves your money.
    • Org’s wait for up to 30 days to get invoices and if there is a cancellation, maybe another 15 days. This data must be reconciled with a past travel itinerary, its approver and budget compliance. This task is daunting and extremely challenging. Tripeur connect the travel request and the invoice on our platform and monitor leakages.
  1. In today’s scenario, there are multiple avenues of controlling travel cost. It can vary between uniform travel policy implementation/traveler’s prudence and behavior/approvers knowledge around the travel request and ability to action approvals fast / identifying spend distribution and optimizing with best negotiations/availability of wide content / eliminating leaks around reconciliation / ensuring 100% GST input benefit
    • The process of trip requests is currently managed with more emotional reasoning and less with functional criteria. The comfort of the traveler and relationship with the travel team influences the purchase. This current process can do with a combined weighted execution of data-driven balance of requirement, eligibility, and a cost-optimized ticket.
    • Why should it take the corporate traveler 1 hour to 1 day to get a ticket? Why should the company pay more for the ticket because the approver took 1 day to approve? Tripeur’s seamless and integrated system delivers tickets with approvals in under 2 minutes.
    • Today most orgs are dependent on a single or few vendors to get content access. Thus, limiting options from the wide and deep content out there. Tripeur’s multi-vendor functionality can onboard unlimited online and offline vendors. The demand creation pattern can help the org consolidate sources of supply and contract for better value. Tripeur’s system enables the org to choose between consolidators and individually contracted fares.

In a nutshell, Tripeur is that intelligent middleware platform which can logically help optimize lag in your travel function and identify all opportunities of controlling travel costs efficiently and intelligently.



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