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Tripeur to launch Expense module to simplify T&E reconciliation

Sajit Chacko

Tripeur Travel Desk
Traveling for business trips can be expensive and difficult to keep track of. With the cost of flights and hotels, it can be hard to stay on top of the spending. However, with modern technology and improved travel expense reconciliation systems, companies can make sure they get accurate records while keeping the costs contained. Our expense module is poised to push our platform’s previous limitations to address, simplify, and automate the entire T&E expense management process.

Tripeur so far

Since the launch of Tripeur’s platform, we’ve been able to solve the entire front-end cycle of corporate travel, including bookings, budgeting, policy creation, process efficiency, and more for numerous businesses. Our focus thus far has been to offer customers a seamless, integrated platform that provides enhanced productivity, traveler experiences, travel efficiency, and corporate savings. Adopters of our platform find that through our single multipurpose tool, they can achieve better workflows and fulfill all their corporate travel needs. 

Eliminating redundant processes that add complexity to travel management and cost businesses their time and money has always been one of our primary goals. To achieve this, we eliminated the necessity for redundant back-and-forth communications between corporate travel stakeholders. Instead, our platform allows stakeholders to relay proposals, requests, and all other travel-related communications directly to and from their handheld mobile devices for instantaneous, on-the-go decision-making. 

Tripeur has provided numerous companies with a built-in travel management engine offering all corporate travel services. The best part of using our platform is that you don’t need a travel agent. Instead, our platform improves booking efficiency by connecting your business directly to hotel aggregators, airlines, and other vendors offering corporate rates. Not only do we help you improve your travel & workflow efficiency, and policy compliance, but we also provide a stellar round-the-clock customer support team. We harness artificial intelligence and machine learning combined with the right tools to track, control, and report all travel-related organizational expenses in real-time to achieve an optimal travel return on investment. 

To summarize our platform’s achievements in recent years, Tripeur has established itself as an automated, visible, and informative alternative to traditional CTM systems, helping customers make practical and profitable decisions at every travel stage of the corporate travel experience. To maintain our status as a company dedicated to the customer, we routinely consider valuable feedback from our unicorn customers to upgrade our platform to proactively identify and address all existing and new business travel problems. 

The next step – The expense module

For the next step in our product’s journey, we intend to close the circle and solve the market demand for complete automation of backend post-travel reimbursements and expense reconciliation. To do this, we realized we would have to develop a module that effectively records the large volume of incidental expenses such as purchasing goods, transport, food, beverages, and others that travelers encounter during their journeys. With these considerations in place, we are happy to announce that we are very close to providing our customers with an end-to-end expense module that incorporates all incidental expenses and revolutionizes business T&E management. 

Through our expense module, the real-time trackability of your incidental expenses will make it easier for you to devise and assign department-wise T&E budgets. With our expense module and its integrated interface, capturing all employee expenses will become seamless. Employees will be able to perform payments and post the expenses automatically through our platform to all relevant stakeholders. 

Tripeur will also allow businesses to maintain real-time accountability and policy compliance via the expense module by tagging all expenses to their designated travel approvals. You’ll be able to streamline your travel budget through real-time expense tracking accompanied by detailed expenditure reports and spend trend analytics that offers an in-depth view for all expenditures. Management will always stay in control and get notified of their employee payments in real-time through our mobile notifications functionality by integrating our software with communication platforms such as WhatsApp. 

Through this upcoming feature, post facto T&E reconciliation will also become seamless with a single MIS bringing all expenses under one roof for complete accounting. The same MIS can additionally be used to record costs across all vendors. These reports ensure complete GST compliance, generating an accurate GST-wise breakup of all the incurred expenses and automating your reconciliation process.

Why expense? Why now?

Even though our customers were ecstatic that we had solved 85% of the problems facing the corporate travel process, we recognized that expense constituting the remaining 15%, was still a burning issue. We have always been a customer-first company that does not build products in a vacuum. Instead, we focus and pride ourselves in designing our products and modules with specific consideration of customer needs. And through some of our prominent clients, we learned of an immediate requirement to provide an adequate expense reconciliation tool. This led us to develop a full-scale T&E expense module that goes beyond adequacy and instead provides a robust solution that addresses, solves, and simplifies all challenges facing T&E reconciliation once and for all. 

Tripeur and its expense module intend to keep the finance department in the loop through expenditure alerts and reports through all stages of the travel booking experience. Our user-friendly software will perpetually fix your corporate travel inefficiencies and simplify T&E expense management and reconciliation like never before while significantly lowering costs. Contact us to find out more. 

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