Business travel, these days, has become lot safer and better for female business travellers. Are you a business woman that travels frequently? Here are some handy tips when you travel alone and the kind of precaution you need to exercise on the road to protect yourself and your belongings:

Travel light:
There is a big disadvantage when carrying heavy loaded bags: it slows your pace down.  And remember there is no one to help lift your bag when you are all on yourself. Go for lightweight luggage so that you can move about easily and quickly – whether at the hotel or airport.

Watch how you dress:
How you dress can attract unwanted male attention, whether you are travelling alone in a foreign country or spend time in a hotel bar.

Backpacks aren’t great:
Handbags can double as a crossbody and zip closures. If you are travelling to a foreign city, your carrying backpacks don’t make great sense.

Carry a Personal Safety Alarm:
If you’ve planned to do sightseeing or shopping when you travel, carrying a personal safety alarm adds to your safety level.

Have a Doorstop Alarm:
Enhance your safety at the hotel by having a doorstop alarm with you.

Bring Backups:
Always have some cash and credit card stacked inside your carryon – lest in the event of a theft, you have something as a backup. Remember to keep a copy of your passport or driver’s licence with you.

Keep your home safe:
Keep your home safe when you’re away by keeping up the appearance of business-as-usual at home. An app like SmartHome helps operate your lights remotely. Or if you aren’t that comfortable with Apps, use a simple home timer to automate your home.

Stop mail delivery:
Stop your mail from piling up by informing the post office to hold all your mails. Have the newspaper delivery stopped or ask your neighbours to pick up the papers for you in your absence.

Luggage Tag:
You can use your laminated business card as a luggage tag so that you don’t expose your home address.

Give Copies of Your Itinerary:
Leave your tour itinerary with your family or friends, and check in everyday.

Reserve transport and accommodations:
Use any business travel management suite like Tripeur for booking transport and accommodation that falls within the travel compliance policy.

Use room service:
Both smaller as well as larger hotels have their merits and demerits. A large hotel may offer excellent room service. Large hotel chains offers better security and card keys as well.

We aren’t done with it. The concluding part of the blog will have some more tips to make business travel much safer for women.

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