Let’s continue from where we left from the last blog. At a time when women’s safety is of primary concern and a major challenge to deal with, here are some more safety tips if you are a woman who travels frequently for business.

Join loyalty clubs:
A corporate travel management tool like Tripeur helps you in getting perks, accumulating loyalty points if you stay at travel-policy compliant hotels. The major hotel chains globally offers a plethora of choices at various price points.

Choose a room with an interior entrance:
Regardless of what hotel you pick, go for a room that has an interior entrance and above the hotel’s ground floor. Your room can be close to the elevator, but not next to an emergency exits.

Use GPS:
Use a GPS if you are hiring a car. The last thing you may want is to lose your way in a strange land, and grapple with your phone on an unchartered road is risky in itself.

Use Valet Parking:
Instead of walking to your conference, restaurant or hotel from a parking garage or distant lot, opt for valet parking.

Have two room keys:
Always request for two room keys — it keeps the fact that you are travelling alone a hush-hush. Carry one with you and always keep one in your purse. Even if your purse is stolen, you will have no trouble opening your room. However, inform the hotel so they can have your key code changed.

Don’t let out your room number out:
Ensure nobody pick up on your room number. In case of someone overhearing it, request for another room.

Check all Locks
Once you are inside your hotel room, check door,  showers, closets and door thoroughly. Ensure all locks work properly and use all the security chains and deadbolts provided by the hotel.

We have more tips for you that may help you become more chary and confident while travelling solo. But that’s for another time in the concluding part of the three part blog post.

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