The concluding part of the blog will focus more on the sightseeing and socializing aspects of business travel if you are a woman travelling solo in a foreign land.

Don’t keep the doors open for everyone:
In case of someone showing up unheralded masqueraded as room service or housekeeping, make a call to the front desk to check before you open the door for him/her. Many hotels usually give a 3-5 minute call in advance if someone is approaching your room to meet you.

Concierge Services:
If you have some time left for local sightseeing, go for the concierge’s services for added safety, whether you want to take a quick morning run along the lanes or head for a sumptuous dinner, if you are going alone.

GPS helps, but use a map still:
When you go out, use a GPS on your smartphone rather than a map so that you don’t end up in no man’s land. However, it is advisable to still have a map on hand in case your mobile runs out of battery. If you still lose your way, get into a coffee house or a store to locate new directions, instead of loitering aimlessly on the street.

Keep your Smartphone charged:
Keeping your mobile charged is not only pertinent on a business trip, but also calls for safety. Have a reliable mobile charger with you always throughout your trip.

Befriending strangers is a non-no:
Always remember the golden rule on travel – never befriend strangers. Criminals and pickpockets are always on the lookout for business travellers and their valuables. Don’t be too revealing in matters of the heart with strangers and cut off conversation immediately with them if it gets too murky. When you invite a stranger to your hotel room, you’re literally fanning trouble.

No excess drinking:
Drinking too much leads to poor judgment and a loss of coordination (did we tell you that it makes you look shabby and unprofessional?)

So, did you get a handy checklist of the safety factors to look out for while travelling solo? We’re sure the blog would serve as a primer to increasing your travel safety levels. You are welcome to add more points to the blog for the benefit of our site visitors.

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