‘Aviophobia’ is the fear of flying, and most business travellers would concede to have gone through the dreaded feeling of kissing the skies high up in the air, though it is quite common among travellers.

The fear of flying can impact your business travel in a huge way. You may find yourself telling ‘no’ to worthwhile opportunities in the form of business conferences, expos or events owing to the fear of flying. And there is nothing that can abet your fears of flying all alone on board a plane with high-stress levels and anxiety creeping in; brace yourself for an exhausting journey. This can lead to reduced productivity shovelling aside intended tasks scheduled to be completed onboard as you try to play down your fears. Here are a few ways by which you allay your fears of flying:

Understanding first whether what you fear is real danger—most of all, not all what you fear turns into real danger! Obviously, it is the fear of your fears which is the biggest danger. Intrusive thoughts about unwanted outcomes can even flood your mind as if they are probable to happen, especially when you’re on board a flight. Tip: Play on your mind something what you dreadfully feared actually turned real the last time around—you will find none and realize that most of your fears are much bigger in your mind than they are in reality!

If you are unsure of something, seek the assistance of the flight attendants, as they are there to help you to play down your fear. Remember that most of your fears are either visual or spatial. And a lot of fears that travellers go through are unknown. If this is the case, your mind can paint the most horrific worst-case scenario when all you need is a bit of explanation from the cabin crew to make yourself feel better.

Take a deep breath once you are on board the flight. Visualize the positive spectrum of things. Do not give in to negative thoughts. Picture yourself continually that you have made a safe landing and that you are enjoying your destination. Things that will only make you feel more at ease.

Face your fears and challenges head-on. Only practise can make things better. The good news is that there are short-term programmes out there that teach you how to cope with the fears of flying and become a better air traveller.

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