Does compliance on travel policy still sound caustic or perhaps even scathing to most business travellers? Truth be told, in most organisations and enterprises where travel compliance is very much part of ‘Bleisure’ and expense management system, the atmosphere is usually poised between pleasure and dread. In Asia, the situation is bit different. Millennials have redefined the way business travel is done. Corporate travel compliance is no longer the order of the day. This doesn’t mean there is a total lack of compliance amongst the travellers, but a radical shift towards adopting machine, AI-driven personalization, 24 x 7 customer support, duty of care concerns, a wide selection of flight and accommodation choices at best possible booking rates, expense management reporting, analytics (dashboards) and seamless booking have opened up fresh opportunities for business travel cost savings and budget forecast. They are built to enhance the safety of the business travellers as well. With the right technology in place, it is not as difficult as it seems to give a gentle push to travel compliance policy across the enterprise or organization. Tripeur, our cloud-based travel management suite, integrates these factors onto a single platform rapidly to give you the wings even if you are a Startup or an SME. Southeast Asia is the biggest market for travel management followed by emerging markets like China, Australia and India.  When new players have already started to adopt AI-driven travel management tools, traditional players are struggling to stay relevant with tech-based tools. Asia Pacific, as per a research study by the Global Trade Association, is estimated to be a $1.6 trillion market by 2020 in the area of business and corporate travel. Above all, the spending will double and even triple by 2025—a meteoric rise from 40 percent of global travel expenditure at present to almost 50 percent.
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