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Case Study: Logistics Industry

The Client

The client is a large courier delivery service provider based out of India with over 10,500 franchisees, 35000 employees and 400 operating facilities across 20+ Indian states. The organization still relied on manual processes which was leading to several inefficiencies and cost overruns.

Corporate Travel Challenges


Manual operations creating delays

The client had two travel vendors and all the booking were done manually which resulted in high prices and lower efficiency


Inefficient booking process

The booking process was tedious with the employees sending the request to the travel desk and then travel desk sends the final plan to the outsourced travel agents


GST management and invoice reconciliation

Employees traveled to over 30 cities across India with over 20+ GST rules. Added to this the invoice reconciliation was manual and prone to several errors and non-compliance


Inconsistent traveler experience

The service quality was low leading to thousands of issues every month and rapid drop in traveler experience

Smartest Benefits Delivered


Reduction in travel costs within first few months


Compliance with corporate travel policies


Faster response to the travel requests


Reduction in travel-related issues or escalations

Smartest Solution


Booking process automation

The travelers now directly send the travel request to the Tripeur platform and get instant options to build their itinerary.


Reduced dependencies on travel desk

Today, thanks to the release of bandwidth, the travel desk handles just the exceptions and ensures compliance


Automated GST management and invoice reconciliation

Multiple GSTs were all managed by the platform with each invoice capturing the GST and also their cost centers. The invoice reconciliation ensured a seamless and a transparent financial processing


Total compliance of travel policies

The fully automated system ensured that the exceptions were minimal, and all the employees adhered to the set travel policies


Seamless traveler experience

Today, the travelers just focus on their business rather than worrying about the travel management


24X7 support across channels

The round the clock support ensured that there were minimal issues in the bookings or in the invoice reconciliations

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