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Case Study: B2B Marketplace

The Client

The client is a B2B trade platform with a network-centric approach. It is a large marketplace that brings traders, wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers in India on to a single platform to help them scale and nurture their business. The client has reached across the 29 states and the team has to travel extensively to build relationships with the small and medium businesses.

Corporate Travel Challenges


Rapid scale and ramp-up in business

The client grew from 80 employees to 22000 employees within a few years laying a huge stress on the internal travel management


Manual profiling with no HR System in place

The absence of HR systems meant that each new travel of an employee took time to create profile and then process the travel requests


Inefficient travel request management

All the travel requests were going through the travel agents making the entire process slow and inefficient


No formal travel policies

There were no travel policies which led to several non-compliances and cost overruns

Smartest Benefits Delivered


Travels/month delivered

80 to 22K

People growth was managed seamlessly


Issue and escalation free travel


User adoption and compliance

Smartest Solution


Onboarded an HRMS system

Tripeur went beyond the contractual scope to recommend and onboard the HRMS system to help client get a singular view of employee information


Automated travel booking process with self-book tool

The self-book tool with an approval system ensured that employees directly booked their travel plan as per the company travel policy


Scaled the travel without scaling the travel desk teams

Tripeur’s robust platform ensured that the rapid growth in the travel was managed with just one additional head count to the travel desk team. Rest all was automated.


Optimized corporate deals with travel partners

The recommendation engine helped the client optimize their travel spend by signing new corporate deals with leading airlines


High adoption and seamless onboarding with onsite helpdesk

Tripeur provided onsite support to help the travel desk team get ramp up rapidly and to ensure high adoption


High transparency and compliance to travel policies

All the rates, travel plans and invoicing was transparent ensuring high level of integrity and compliance with the stated corporate policies

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