We have been watching a lot of companies putting in a great deal of effort into crafting a travel policy and the admin team taking full credit for it. Great work team! But do check if your effort really pans out when your employees traverse pre-defined booking channels. This may simply undermine the time and efforts that go into it in offering a streamlined solution for the organization.

We have already seen earlier why employees tend to transcend the designated travel policies. Put it on other words, why do companies fail to create travel polices? Isn’t this not a failure on a company’s part to wrest some control on the travel spends? Are travel policies something that employees need to contend with? Not really; that is the reason why they are largely inaccessible. Mix of unbooked flights, last-minute trip changes, and tight deadline can only make matters worse. And that explains why any travel policy might go to the winds amidst employees’ brooking-frenzy.


Many companies approach this issue as motivation-related one. They get into a shell where they think employees would be more conscientious of the business travel policy if they are rewarded for compliance. A prize, may be. What about gamifying the travel policy? But incentives rarely work and solve the problem in question: a lack of time. In actual reality, a time-stricken employee rushing to catch the flight wouldn’t really care about the prize points. Any company, instead of incentivizing employees for ‘good behaviour, should adopt automated software or application with travel policy built into it that can help employees freely engage with it.

That is where our automated cloud-based corporate travel & expense management software, Tripeur, can come to your rescue. The good news:Tripeur can help your employees with travel policy compliance without sacrificing their autonomy.

slider2This also begs the question: how do companies set up a sense of autonomy while also having the travel policy in place? Having a travel manager or an administrative policy doesn’t suggest that your employees can’t work without them; the policy should be flexible enough for employees to tune the trip to accommodate their travel needs. The travel policy should do the course correction and bring back the needed control. Automation of any process, for that matter, helps employees regularly interact and get acquainted with the policies they are truly accountable for.

Tripeur is a powerful solution that values employee compliance over incentivization. When you offer autonomy to employees and empower them to work within the designated travel policies independently, you’ll see what freedom can be.

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