Travel management policies have to be reviewed and adjusted suitably to accommodate the growing diverse needs of the corporate traveller. Period. We put forth this point many a times last year too when this topic did the rounds. Find out if your business travel policy is really future proof.

Be creative:
There is more than what meets the eye when it comes to corporate add-ons and negotiated supplier discounts in terms of savings. As supplier margins slim down, it becomes increasingly important to identify and commercialize travel savings either through productivity and internal efficiencies. What required is that your staff must be trained with the required technical skill sets to make travel booking and travel management highly accessible and faster.

Be flexible:
Whether  your business travel program is mature or still in its infancy, its stands to good reason why it should capture higher efficiencies and greater savings. This is achieved by designating a preferred supplier or vendor for increased consolidation of spend to improve price negotiations, or open up a wider pool of travel suppliers where room and seat availability is low and prices higher.

When you have a travel program in place, there is greater responsibility on the workforce to align themselves with the travel management objectives. It is important for them to understand the reason behind travel policy’s implementation, the takeaways of policy compliance and risk factors outside of booking policy, decentralization of vendor and supplier spend and lowered negotiation power, decreased spend visibility and inefficient spend reconciliation.

Mine for data:
Data  is gold. A good travel management tool offers access to bench-marking data for intelligence reporting and proactive expert information to pilot increased value to your travel program. What most travel managers expect is periodic strategic account analysis and proactive intelligence reports to identify suppliers that offer best negotiated deals, fresh cost-saving opportunities and increased traveller and travel data security.  

Embrace technology:
The access to travel management tools has been greater than ever before. Companies more often like to go for a single-sign-on travel management tools which help travel managers, admins and travellers view travel tools all in one place anywhere and anytime. Integrating state-of-the-art travel management tool into everyday operations enhances efficiency, traveller safety and expend visibility. A travel management tool like Tripeur ensures that technology is at work in every single step of the trip.

Secure your data:
Traveller security is still the number one priority any given time. Equally important is the security of information including personal data, internet privacy, location data and credit card information. The security risk factor is more pronounced if management of travel tech and payment services are non-centralized. It is vital that both tech partners, as well as the payment solution providers, are reviewed regularly to ensure that the travellers do not have to press the panic button.

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