Deep Learning system to optimize your Business Travel Expenses

Business travel is a significant part of a company that does business across multiple cities or countries. It fuels the growth of the company and it helps companies enhance their presence and service level with their customers. However, business travel also becomes a significant part of a company’s expenses. The trick for the companies is to balance the amount of money spent on business travel and the growth in business.

If a company has hundreds of employees traveling on business, the amount spent can quickly get out of hand. The CFOs or admins need a sophisticated tool that can help them understand where the money is spent on travel and how they can optimize it.

While getting the insights on where and how the money is spent is provided by the BizTravelytics module, the CFOs need a tool to help them act on those insights. This is where the Travel & Expense Optimizer value added module comes in. This module approaches the travel spends in a logical fashion - from travel partners to booking patterns to expense analytics.