4 Key Modules of Tripeur Platform

Booking Engine

Seamless booking engine that enables fast, frictionless travel arrangements capable of handling varied requirements, powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms.

Policy Adherence

Integration of granular company policies and governing them to ensure adherence throughout the booking and travel process, through advanced Artificial Intelligence.

Traveler Delight

End-to-End value added services designed to make business travel a delightful experience, and further ensuring personalization enabled by Machine Learning (ML) algorithms.

Analytics – Audit & Reconciliation

HR & Finance ERP integration enables seamless handling of data for the company to monitor and reconcile. Predictive Analytics further enhances accuracy and efficiency.

Tripeur Platform is Feature Rich and is Designed to Alleviate Customer Pain Points



High Cancellation Charges

  • Corporate Deals with all airlines
  • Machine Learning based Personalization Engine
  • Intelligent Booking Engine – Suggests Better Options

Lack of Speed & Agility

  • Auto creation of booking request from 3rd party approval system
  • Booking bot for instant flight options
  • One-click booking of flight tickets, straight from e-mail, chat, etc.

Lack of Transparency

  • Easy booking engine with all fares displayed
  • Intelligent booking engine – suggests better options
  • Partner commitments – actual, real-time dashboards

Human Errors

  • Corporate Travel Policy enforcement integrated with booking engine
  • Integrated travel approval workflow
  • Easy booking engine with all fares displayed

Lack of Data Availability

  • Customizable Reports
  • AI-enabled “What If’ analysis
  • Audit of travel policies and bookings
  • Auto-reconciliation of invoices

No Seamless Flow Of Data

  • HR Integration – One-click auto import of employee directory
  • Audit of travel policies and bookings
  • Auto reconciliation of invoices
  • Partner commitments – actual, real-time dashboards

GST Issues

  • Auto reconciliation of invoices
  • Ability to handle multiple GST registrations and invoicing

Handling multiple Vendors & Partners

  • Integration with finance systems
  • One-stop shop, with Marketplace model

Deal Management

  • Real-time Analytics
  • Partner Commitments – actual, real-time dashboards

Accessibility to Travel Desk

  • 24×7 On-the-go Traveller Assistant
  • Tripeur support team armed with traveller details thanks to HR Integration

Key Characteristics of Tripeur Platform

Hosted On Cloud

Tripeur platform is hosted on the cloud and does not require on premise server resources or frequent software updations.

Saves Costs

The platform is designed to reduce travel budgets through a combination of matching algorithms and incentives pass on.

AI & ML Algorithms

Advanced, cutting-edge Artificilal Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies drive efficiency, ease of use and personalization.