Most travel programs are developed to identify out-of-travel-policy expends, but are you using that information to alleviate exceptions in the future? Read on…

Expense data is extremely important to understand employee’s travel behaviour and occurrence of exceptions. A travel manager at best can use this data to tackle those concerns and implement steps to eliminate traveller friction and enhance policy compliance.

Further analysis of travel policy, exceptions and expense data can help you suitably adjust program parameters to reduce out-of-travel-policy requests at the point of sale and deal with traveller friction smoothly which adversely affect job performance and travel productivity.  The following are some of the ways by which companies can leverage travel expense data to implement travel policy and program proposals:

  • Refining rate limits:
    Many a times your company travellers select hotels that fall out of the designated network. Does travel patterns point towards a trend that your travellers are booking hotels at peak times costing you a bomb? Tripeur can help travel managers analyze traveller’s exception data to tailor a hotel policy with suitable charge caps, or scalable rates depending on the Best Available Rates (BAR) which is the lowest rate of the day in major destinations.
  • Relate travel policy with user groups and incentivize road warriors:
    Travel managers, in most cases, will find certain travellers groups consistently hitting out-of-travel-policy expenses.  Tripeur can help tailor travel policy levels to multiple traveller groups, whilst also ticking individual preferences. This helps travel managers to disable out-of-travel-policy alerts and exceptions for general user groups, whilst still serving privileged business travellers and executives.
  • Reduce direct buying:
    Tripeur helps travel managers or admins touch base with travellers via traditional and non-traditional channels based on one’s travel choices, trends and behaviour. This is done through applying travel policy and custom messages to your booking tools, travel vendors and suppliers.

Is your travel management tool failing to translate expense data into actionable travel program strategy? Then you are at increased risk of low travel program visibility and poor overall travel program goals.  Get in touch with Team Tripeur for re-defining the way travel business is conducted with sound, long-range travel management program.

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