Reconcile your air travel GST invoices within minutes

70% of the companies are unnecessarily losing huge dollars as they are finding it challenging to reconcile their travel GST invoices. The rest have a large team manually doing the reconciliation.

Revenue leakage sources




Wrong GST invoice data


Non-availability of GST invoices


Additional bandwidth of finance and travel teams

State-of-the-art content identification and extraction technology

Navan India gstRecon is our technology-based platform that automates the reconciliation process. It takes few minutes, tops, to reconcile your travel GST input credit.

You don’t have to spend any of your team’s bandwidth, nor do you have to risk non-compliance. Focus on your core operations as our state-of-the-art content identification and extraction technology quietly extracts the GST data, reconciles with diverse transaction information and help you save the hard-earned money.

Navan India-gstRecon can solve the reconciliation challenge in 3 simple steps. 


Upload your GST invoices

  • Automated and real-time uploads
  • Faster processing 2500 uploads in 30 seconds

Data extraction, retrieval and auto reconciliation

  • Navan India-gstRecon accurately extracts available data even from emails

  • Automatically identifies and retrieves the missing data from Airlines

  • The state-of-the-art content identification and extraction technology extracts over 30 fields from invoices / credit notes with 100% accuracy


Submit for taxation

  • Save money and get 100% visibility into your GST reconciliation

  • 100% compliance with GST submissions and visibility into potential leakage

  • Stores in GST repository and easily searchable

  • Repeat the next month

Navan India-gstRecon Benefits


Savings on your travel costs


Savings on personnel bandwidth

Transactions processed

Seconds to process 1000 records


GST reconciliation and compliance



Consolidates from multiple sources

GST invoices will be consolidated from your emails, Airlines, TMCs and other sources


Retrieve missing GST invoices

Identifies the missing GST invoices and retrieves it from Airlines


100% visibility into GST status

Gives you real-time and a 100% visibility into GST reconciliation status


Add new GST data

Add new extractors to get GST data beyond the 30 fields


GST repository

Store all your GST statements and the related data on the web-based repository


Integrate with your existing systems

Seamlessly integrate with your existing financial system


Settles inconsistent reconciliation

Compares different statements and reconciles with the correct data


Reads from PDFs and emails

The next gen technology accurately gets the information from your emails and PDFs


Complex tax calculations

Compatible with multiple taxes and fit for your compliance requirements


Avoids manual intervention

There is no manual intervention required for GST reconciliation. Everything is automated


Transactions done outside of TMC

You can input the travel transaction details done outside the TMC too


Search anything from anywhere

Detailed search feature based on multiple filters and criteria


Search anything from anywhere

Detailed search feature to get information based on past data


Infinite scalability

Upload any number of GST invoices and the platform can scale infinitely

Experience the power of Navan India-gstRecon in less than 24 hours. Get a demo today!

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