Is business travel taxing and back-breaking, to say the least? Looking for counter-measures to make it sound fun and infotaining? Our team has googled to bring you the best 20 Podcasts that we believe will keep you going when you’re on the move. This said you needn’t rush to your local electronic store to buy any top-of-the-range device to download these online radio episodes– your smartphone will suffice. With diverse topics from career-advancement advice and news bytes related to pop and comedy culture, they are worth every second of yours.

20. Accidental Creative
A compendium of tools, workshops and podcasts to help you develop and better your ideas, get your act together and live under pressure.

19. Back to Work
An award winning talk show with Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin musing on  communication, work, barriers productivity, tools, constraints and lots more.
18. Beyond the To-Do List
Another award-nominated podcast with easy hacks on how to finish your work to perfection and still balance your life.
17. RED: Real Entrepreneur Development
One of the best podcasts for marketing professionals and experts.

16. Good Job, Brain!
A free weekly clean audio podcast with part offbeat news and part quiz show, and a test of wits to see what it takes to be a brain champion.

15. Grantland
From sports to music to movies, the podcast is nothing short of 360 deg. entertainment. Never be left behind in the quest to learn about current pop culture events.

14. NYTimes Book Review
An excellent podcast for an inside view of the literary world.

13. Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips
Whether English is your first language or a foreign language that you need to learn for life, here is a podcast that will help you improve your style, syntax and punctuation, and help you become a more successful writer.

12. The Economist
The Economist podcast throws light on a variety of topics on Business and Economics.

11. We Have Concerns
This podcast is an abridged, improvised podcast on the wonder and trepidation hidden in everyday things.

We will follow this up with another blog with more podcasts for you. Until then, keep calm and subscribe to these podcasts.


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