The first blog covered ten interesting podcasts that served as a starting point to explore more. The concluding blog, still incomplete, will cover more podcasts that discuss a variety of intriguing areas and subjects. You are free to add more to these and change the tone of your business trip from dull and monotonous to exciting and uplifting.  Here are more podcasts for you to make the most of your travel time:

  1. You Look Nice Today
    An excellent audio-based journal, it is run by the hosts of scottsimpson, lonelysandwich, and hotdogsladies after they met on Twitter and soon realized that they had several stuffs in common; ‘You Look Nice Today’ podcast was born.
  2. The Partially Examined Life
    Go philosophical with this podcast. It is a kind of informal roundtable discussion that introduces at least one big philosophical concern, idea or question in every episode.
  3. Headspace Meditation
    Here is a headspace app/podcasts combo that helps you stay more focussed, relaxed be in the present, aware and compassionate.
  4. Smart Passive Income
    The podcast is a collection of weekly interviews, advice and strategy for starting and growing your online business in the shortest time possible.
  5. Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life
    From taxes, to credit, to insurance and insurance, the podcast has everything for you to learn the ropes of making smart investment decisions, manage your finances and lead a richer and more fulfilling life.
  6. Bigger Pockets
    The podcast is a repository of interviews of investors and VCs, right off the top of their head, of various experiences, niches and background levels.
  7. Planet Money: NPR
    The economy is a tad tricky and endlessly expansive topic. Start out early with this podcast with straightforward explanations and clear illustrations on the subject.
  8. BBC Global News
    The podcast features all the top stories of the day from BBC News updated twice every day in the week and once at weekend.
  9. Intelligence Squared
    This podcast does its part in reviving the lost art of critical thinking, civility, reasoning and fact in American public debates.
  10. 60 Minutes

When you are time-stricken to watch a full episode of the show, after you return home from work, this podcast features the full audio from every episode. Rest assured, you are updated of the best stories and the week’s biggest scoops.

Travel life can be daunting, but these podcasts can make your life easy on the move. So what you are waiting for? Haven’t you downloaded these podcasts still?

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