Today, the means to travel have become more accessible than ever before. How times have changed when walking into a travel agent or endlessly surfing the web was the only means to book travel plans! Booking websites, tools and apps have made the process a breeze, in addition to competitive deals and offers. The penetration of digital tools and innovative technologies has made a tremendous impact in the development of business travel industry, especially in the area of “bleisure”—a combination of business and pleasure.

From digitalised travel itineraries to ticket booking systems—rapid tech advancements have changed the way travel management is dished up to travel customers. Businesses can afford to cut down time consuming travel processes whilst streamlining the entire lifecycle of travel management, enabling employees to leverage travel effectively to help corporations and enterprises make connections and evolve.  The industry too has witnessed a radical shift from the likes of traditional travel agents to autonomous technology-driven space.

Addressing concerns in the corporate travel industry:

A rapidly expanding industry is immune to growing concerns. As regards the business travel industry, these include fear of safety, a growing shared economy and competitive travel charges, causing a series of disruptions. Not using tools that could facilitate travel planning or itineraries can result in poorly optimised travel plans. If tour booking and accommodation process are not digitized, then you’re adding another stratum of complexity to offering travelers personalized travel experience.

The proliferation of mobile, wearable and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies has changed the way leisure travel is conducted, enhancing business travel expectations – as businesses strive to keep the ball rolling. Considering these factors, businesses must mix different methods of serving up great travel experience to their staff without caving into cost pressures or making trade off with duty of care. So what are the ways businesses can adopt technology to provide their employees an incredible travel experience than doing things for granted. The forthcoming blogs will cover some of the challenges that corporate travel industry will face head on.

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