Though we are half way past 2018, the travel industry seems to be growing at a phenomenal rate slated to be the highest in many years. This has led to significant growth in business travel activity.    Growing travel demands have resulted in competitive business nature, and this means lowered prices for corporate travel. However, the consumer is the king that enjoys enhanced mobility and seamless travel experience; thanks to the increased focus on user-centric tech and personalization.

To make informed decisions, one must be cognizant of the trending and the latest technological shift that will have a huge bearing in the way corporate travel is conducted:

Smart Stays:
Hotels across the globe are already investing in cutting-edge technology such as “smart rooms”, a combination of voice-activated and mobile technology  that allows guests to personalize their stay.

Hotels across the world are investing in innovative technology, such as “smart” rooms, which feature mobile and voice-activated technology allowing guests to customise their stay. And there are others that have already adopted keyless check-in, in addition to mobile apps that help lock/unlock  doors, play entertainment systems and control lightning and room temperatures. Concierge systems, wireless charging and robot delivery are increasingly mainstream these days.

Technological disruption:
Artificial intelligence: Artificial Intelligence (AI) will come loaded with the capability to automate business-travel bookings. Users can enjoy options that are cost-effective and rewarding. The app market is inundated with tens of thousands of travel apps that help solve particular areas of travel experience. Improvements in translation technology will help airline passengers and employees win over language and communication barriers whilst map programs can dish out more detailed info on airports.

Virtual Reality (VR)/ Augmented Reality (AR): AR/VR will allow travellers to view hotel rooms and aircraft cabin, thereby helping in assisted booking and decision making.

Big data analytics:  Big data Analytics will provide rich data sets of customer information for travel providers. Organizations can further drill down the use of Big Data to personalization and customization.  Airports are making a major tech shift in using biometrics and facial recognition technology, which will make short of security and immigration processes.

Blockchain technology:  Blockchain technology can ease up procurement process, manage and facilitate transactions, especially across multiple currencies.

Payment Options: Corporate travellers are endowed with a number of innovative and flexible digital payment options to choose from, each having its own advantages. Mobile, Cardless and online payment will continue to rule the roost in 2018.

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