If you are a small or medium business owner, you may well ask yourself if your employees are spending a lot of their valuable time using the web for travel options; if the time and resources spent searching in-house cost the business more than the intended travel savings; if your business can profit from committed account management; if your business can maximize visibility leading to potential saving opportunities.

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions mentioned above, then what follows here will be of interest to you.

While the experience of booking on travel websites at some point for personal or business travel speaks for itself, technology alone cannot replace the expertise, support, and personalization offered by different travel management suite. In today’s business climate, SMEs want to keep the expenses to a minimum; however, they fail to realize that travel management software like Tripeur can bring down the travel management costs dramatically simply at the click of an approve button.

Outsourcing a part process of the travel management program isn’t a great idea either. Because outsourcing doesn’t serve the purpose of personalization; it is not a novel concept anymore. They only account for a small percentage of travel savings, time efficiencies, and cost reduction. Only a time-tested travel management suite like Tripeur can increase the travel policy compliance rate by not allowing frequent offenders to bypass the designated travel policy and book outside of the approved travel management agreement. This will enable your travel manager to professionally manage travel program including expense reporting, expense spends reimbursement, emergency assistance, data management, loyalty programmes and duty of care safety obligations.

Tripeur gives you a quick run-down as well as a detailed breakdown of where what and how your employees are expending money on business travel, whilst at the same time where exactly you can save money the most. A travel manager can easily correlate the travel data with negotiated rates on car hire, hotel companies, and frequently booked airlines.

We know that travel cost does fluctuate with last minute bookings costing significantly greater than if they’re done in advance. We lead the way forward in giving you a detailed breakdown of these scenarios and touchpoints where potential savings can be achieved or even maximized. This is done by offering the individual breakdown of each transaction. Tripeur also enables SMEs to find the best deals, travel recommendations, and custom packages within the designated travel policy.

For more info on how we can help SMEs optimize your entire business travel program, simply give us a call.

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