Empowering travel managers with digital tools helps improve the traveler experience, productivity and experience and fosters compliance with the company’s travel programs. Travel managers today must explore the full range of end-to-end digital engagement for enhanced travel efficiency and traveler support.
There are various options available today to enhance engagement, increase online bookings, support travel program goals via digital user experience. No matter how big your organization is, there are a few strategies that can foster digital experience when it comes to business travel management:

List your suite of tools:

Travel managers, these days, are bestowed upon them a palette of online booking tools. Today’s travel management tools, for example, can forecast fair booking prices and optimize reporting systems for expense management. And there is the push notification feature that keeps users updated while en route. Compliance reporting can support setting up department goals and budgeting.

Optimize for Efficiencies:

Travel policy compliance, messaging and approval processes can be optimized for a fuller travel booking experience, thereby driving optimal behavior. The barriers to adoption of travel policy should be watered down by considering internet rates, improved user experience and evaluation of approval processes. If you are using a bespoke travel management tool, then it pays to regularly review the current set of features and enhance them to support your travel program. In other words, the travel manager needs to optimize the features and functions of the travel management tool.

Train for each user role:

Getting your program points across the targeted user group via orientations, training, and update meets is important to maintain the tempo of the travel program. The booked data and expensed data can be compared to identify reluctant users and increase direct engagement. The different roles and challenges posed must be understood to promote optimal adoption and enhance policy compliance and increase savings. Further, regulation communication of program updates, targeted tech upgrades, and travel news help achieve targeted user group stays updated and propagate the value of the managed travel program across different targeted specific groups. Travel managers can also seek the support of TMCs in increasing the adoption rate and walk their staff through the digital travel experience. Technologies endorsed for the same should help save time and money.

Develop adoption campaigns:

Create and tailor adoption promo campaigns, identify department super admins, users and ambassadors and motivate disinclined users and user groups towards adoption. Campaigns and contests, formal or informal, can help tailor the program to suit specific roles and users requiring extra incentive, and support the company’s travel culture. Other engagement plans include lounge access passes, e-vouchers, gift cards and end-to-end gamification solutions with reward points and redemption that is ongoing behavior-based.

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