The smartest corporate travel experience solution that Travel Admins love

Deliver unbelievable efficiency and experience to the travelers and yet proactively control the travel costs 

Some say that travel desk is a thankless job. Not anymore. Take back the control to deliver great experiences to your travelers, be 5x faster in your operations, get access to ever growing inventory and proactively save costs through better deals and partnerships. 

Granular control to set and measure the effectiveness of policies

Market conditions are dynamic and so should the travel policies be. You can now dynamically manage the travel policy in alignment with the market conditions and still ensure a wider compliance across the board. 

Policy Recommendation

Tripeur AI-enabled platform will recommend the changes in policies to help you save more

Integrated Dashboard

Get visibility into department and individual-wise travel pattern and compliance 

Proactively Save with real-time insights into all travel requests and bookings

Get a 100% visibility into all the travel requests, bookings done, travels made at a single click. Tripeur enables you to convert this entire data into trends and analytics for you to make better corporate deals and save more. 

Control Maverick Travels

The trend analysis helps you to identify the hidden maverick travels (individuals or departments) and correct it.

Manage partner performance

The “Cue” feature recommends the areas  where you can save by efficiently managing the travel partners. 

Ever growing inventory to help you deliver the most efficient service quality

Access to an ever growing inventory of hotels, flights, trains, buses, cabs etc gives you unlimited flexibility to strike the right deal without compromising on the traveler experience. 

Right time right deal

Dynamically manage the travel policy to take advantage of the right deals

Partner Recommendation 

Tripeur proactively recommends new partners and corporate deals that have the potential to save more.



Easy to use for traveldesk

No additional learning curve required for the travel team to start using the platform


Dynamic policy management

Manage and upgrade your travel policies based on your business requirement


100% adoption

The conversational UI makes employee adoption a 100% 


Corporate Deals

An ever-growing list of corporate deals makes the savings a constant feature


Scale the transactions at will

Ramp-up the travel plans without the need for additional travel desk headcount 


Indepth Insights

Get any insight you want with just a click of a button


GST Compliance

Multi-company, multi-GST available for transparent tax calculations


Handling multiple Vendors & Partners

Seamlessly integrates into any number of partner/vendor systems


24X7 Support

Provide 24X7 support for travelers and travel agents


Fully Transparent

Easy booking engine with all fares displayed


Simple invoice management

Invoices reconciliation is automated and improves compliance


Supplier optimization

See the trend analysis and optimize your suppliers by retaining the most efficient ones

See how Tripeur can make your team even more efficient and save more money.

Our experts will give you a Travel Head’s perspective on how Tripeur can change employee behavior, travel desk operations and save at least 30% of your travel spend.

For TMCs
Complete solution from travel management to client engagement

For CFOs
Consistent YoY savings by changing user behavior

For Travelers
Superior experience for travelers with a virtual travel assistant

For Travel Admins
Unbelievable efficiency and ever-growing inventory
Take it for a spin and see for yourselves

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