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Air Travel in India is risky during pandemic, but it’s the safest

Kalyan Chakravarthy

Kalyan Chakravarthy

SVP, and Head Customer Success

Corporate Travel Safety

Airports are sanitized and equipped and so are the airlines, should we be getting into the flight yet? Well there is no easy answer

Since reopening, airports, and airlines have been on overdrive, sharing photographs & statements on how each one is taking precautions to make flying completely safe. There have been a few cases reported initially but by far things seem to be settling down, gaining the flyers confidence.

With Airlines running at around 45% capacity we are still not seeing a major demand for regular business routes, the booking pattern so far seems to be from people who are desperate to reach somewhere as they were stuck or unless it’s a must to travel situations.

But as life limps back to normal, flights will be the safest mode of long-distance travel. The views from the travelers flown so far seem very positive and encouraging. The air inside the aircraft is much cleaner, regular disinfecting travelers touchpoints before every flight and the fact that travelers are able to witness this in front of them gives a lot more confidence. Safety kits provided are always an added advantage.  

So why are the flyers not increasing? Well, it could be due to… 

  • Quarantine rules are not uniform across all states
  • Most corporates are playing the wait and watch rule
  • Number of COVID 19 cases are on the rise

While the Government has given the guidelines for airports and aircraft, we strongly feel Hoteliers should come forward and showcase the various measures that they are taking to make the stay safe. Not all business travelers go back the same day.  I am sure large corporates are engaged with their Hotel Partners in such a discussion and are ensuring safety for their employees.

Road transport makes an important aspect for a business traveler’s trip and we feel Govt and the Private taxi players have much to do in getting the confidence back and this is a grey area. As time passes we will see a lot of action from all ends and it’s the right time for every supplier to encash on feedback and make it to the best use.

In the end, it’s all about we being positive and more important to be responsible in taking all precautions, the skies will open further and so will the travelers fly.

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