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The most comprehensive corporate travel management solution built on AI and ML

Most AI/ML applications today are used as personalization and recommendation engines only. Tripeur goes a few steps ahead and completes the loop by dynamically fine-tuning the interface offered to the user in order to shape their behavior. This marriage of AI/ML with Behavior Science is a uniqueness of Tripeur’s approach to corporate travel.

Booking Engine

A seamless booking engine that enables fast, frictionless travel arrangements capable of handling varied requirements, powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms.

Personalization Engine

The bot delights the user by automatically taking care of mundane but important tasks for the user – e.g. Blocking a preferred seat, performing web-check-in and generating a boarding pass.

Recommendation Engine

Tripeur provides recommendations to the CFO, Traveler and Travel Admin on better ways to optimize the costs, travel plan and the corporate deals respectively.

Behavioral Engine

The system uses just the right triggers that work for each user and uses this knowledge to shape their behavior and align it to the corporate objectives.

Richest Set of Ever Growing Features driven by AI, ML, and Bots


Single Sign On

Integrated with Gmail so that user can login to tripeur as long as their email is activated


Multiple GST Entries

Tripeur allows support for multiple GSTINs for a company


Simple UI

You can start using immediately. No additional learning required 


Company hierarchy

Supports company group with multiple subsidiaries


Cross entity billing

Employees can travel on behalf of another group company


Real-time invoicing

Invoices are generated immediately upon booking


Auto reconciliation of invoices

Invoices reconciliation is automated and improves compliance


Handling multiple Vendors & Partners

Integration with finance systems


Fully Transparent

Easy booking engine with all fares displayed


Granular travel policies

Any number of policies can be created for a company


User Creation

User accounts can be created in bulk


HRMS integration

Auto creation / deletion of user accounts


Real time analytics

Insights into spend, user behaviour & process


Customisable MIS reports

MIS reports can be customised to customer needs


Email bot - conversational UI

Users can get tickets simply by sending email


Flexible payment methods

Deposit, user’s credit card, company credit card


Behaviour shaping - early approval

Managers can be nudged to approve earlier


Offline booking of hotels

Offline rates supported in the platform

Three-in-a-box business travel solution for the Traveler, CFO and Travel Admin

Progressive solutions cater to all the stakeholders and deliver a similar experience. Tripeur built its platform grounds up as three different solutions keeping in mind the needs of Traveler Experience, CFO Savings and Travel Admin Efficiencies. We then seamlessly integrated the platform without compromising on the needs of each stakeholder. The result is a three-in-a-box solution that everyone loves.


Consistent YoY Savings for CFOs and Corporates

Reduce unnecessary travel spend and maximize your savings. Get a 100% visibility into travel budgets, supplier deals and employee spend patterns. All with just one click.


Unbelievable Efficiency for Travel Admins

Travel desk can now deliver 2x number of travel bookings with the AI powered automation and ever growing inventory of hotels, flights, trains, buses and rentals.


Superior Experience for Travelers

Build your itinerary within minutes as against unending back and forth with the travel desk. Get the bookings of your choice and focus on your business meetings.

See how Tripeur can save you more money. 

Our experts will show you how Tripeur can change employee behavior and save you at least 30% of your travel spends. 

For TMCs

Complete solution from travel management to client engagement 

For CFOs

Consistent YoY savings by changing user behavior

For Travelers

Superior experience for travelers with a virtual travel assistant

For Travel Admins

Unbelievable efficiency and ever-growing inventory

Take it for a spin and see for yourselves

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