If you are a frequent traveler and work for a mid-size or large company, then you would be able to relate to the following scenario:

You are a salesperson and a road warrior. You are exchanging emails with your largest customer and commit on the spot to be in their office (more than thousand miles away) the next morning in the hopes of closing a large deal. Now you need to make travel arrangements, and you call your travel desk. The line is busy. You try calling your company admin. He is on leave and not answering your phone. Finally, you drop an email to the standard alias created by your company for making travel bookings. You get a response from the travel desk after 30 minutes, but they misunderstood your request, and are suggesting flights for a different date/time. You get frustrated and call the travel desk and tell them exactly which flight you need.


They check and call back, informing you that you are not entitled to take that flight as the available fare is more than the price band allowed. You ask him to look for alternatives. After going back and forth like this a few times, you finally get your booking done. After business hours, you get a message from the airline saying that the flight you are booked on is delayed by several hours. You call travel desk, but you get a recorded message instructing you to call an after-hours number. You call that number and are put in a queue. Finally, when you speak to a representative, you have to explain your situation from the beginning to get the flight changed. After that, you need to instruct the taxi company to advance/postpone the airport drop.

Does this sound familiar? You are not alone. There are millions of business travelers like you. You end up spending too much time in mundane tasks related to travel arrangements, and you wonder if there is a better way…

Yes, there is a better way! That better way is called an innovative software called Tripeur. Imagine an app on your phone automatically prompting youwhether to book the following itinerary for your meeting with your customer tomorrow morning – simply by parsing through an email you just wrote to your customer. In that itinerary, imagine the app taking into account all your personal preferences (airline, meal, hotel, taxi, etc.). You simply press OK, and the entire itinerary is booked for you. When your flight gets delayed or cancelled, the app prompts you with a couple of choices, and you simply have to push a button or two to make your choice. Imagine the app re-arranging all elements of your booking (flights, taxi, hotel). All this and more is done by Tripeur!

That’s not all! Tripeur guides you through your company’s trip approval workflow, travel policies, and your expense report as well! With a single app acting as your “Personal Travel Assistant”, you are able to focus on your business, and the app takes care of all the mundane tasks related to business travel.

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Complete solution from travel management to client engagement

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Consistent YoY savings by changing user behavior

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Superior experience for travelers with a virtual travel assistant

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Unbelievable efficiency and ever-growing inventory
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