Talking about problems that Travel Manager face they are quite a plenty in the offing when he or she doesn’t use an effective Travel Management Tool like Tripeur. There are a few areas that often travel managers are left in the dark to manage. Many travel managers struggle hard to come to terms with the technological changes involving implementation and tracking of company travel policy.  Violations often erupt in terms of increased budget with no channel to monitor overspends or reconciliation.

If you’re a travel manager you will be expected to juggle the growing requirements of a large staff, handling the budget part and other aspects of business travel that can be, at times, arduous and taxing.

  • Lack of Traveller’s Compliance: Lack of traveller’s compliance can spell trouble for if an umbrella policy for all travelling employees is not defined by the travel manager, he/she runs into the risk of significant ‘missed savings’ through non-compliant and/or unauthorized travel bookings.
  • Cost Savings: Because a travel management tool like Tripeur can easily consolidate all purchases under one roof, it helps the travel manager leverage negotiation with hotel, airline and car vendors. There is direct access to industry leading resources and discounts too.
  • Inconsistent support: Tripeur is built to offer customized after sales service and support to travelling employees to make short work of the matter.
  • Lack of Travel Advocates :Travel managers aren’t essentially travel advocates; this is where a travel management tool can help the manager’s time, control costs and capture the details of the trip.
  • Incomplete Reporting System : For the travel manager to be incisive and intelligent he should be able to capture the required data for analysis. A travel management tool can offer periodic end-to-end performance data and review of a company’s travel management. This should lead to improved cost savings, enhanced policy compliance, leverage travel spends, possibly capture rogue spending and opportunities for the improvement of other travel areas.

Tripeur helps travel managers analyze overall travel spend, contract compliance, industry benchmarking, negotiable and preferred travel operator & supplier compliance, potential areas for negotiation and consider alternate travel agents/suppliers.

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