Though we’re truly into the 21st century with technology penetration deepening, and more travel apps and software mushrooming frequently, effective business or corporate travel management is still a long way ahead.  This in spite of how the internet has transformed the way we view business travel in terms of travel bookings, experience, hospitality and administration, among others.

Unfortunately, if you’re a travel manager or someone responsible for travel administration, working with a corporate travel agent can be a hassle, adding extra layers of complexity to the process. A travel management suite like Tripeur is designed to eliminate the bottlenecks involved in handling travel agents and third-party booking websites completely. If you don’t favour travel agents, there are always ways you can do things autonomously with our travel management suite of tools.

As opposed to the popular opinion, the right use of tools and technology can replace middleman in any process, be it travel booking, payment or policy compliance. This blog, in a two-part series, will deal with why your corporate travel agent or middleman needs to be shown the doors:

Save time and money:
There is a rife belief that travel agents can help secure the best deals, discounts and offers on both flights and hotels. This doesn’t seem to present a compelling case—anymore. In fact, the travel agents are under obligation to follow the contractual agreement by letter and spirit. This means sometimes you’ll be dished up much expensive travel programs against more affordable, accessible choices.

If you’re a small and medium business, this can hit your bottom-line, as travel costs increase. It can also strip employees off their autonomy in planning their own trip, and ultimately the control they may expect. In such cases travel managers need to bear the brunt of traveler’s dissatisfaction.

Instead of accepting this mess, travel managers must wrest control, and ensure they take full stock of travel prices and options available without any strings attached to them. This, eventually, may prove to be a money saver. Remember a penny saved is worth more than a penny earned!

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