The speed of tech development including business travel management software and mobile apps, uncertainties in macroeconomics and increased traveler-centered programs are some of the key considerations that will decide what business travel program will be like come 2019.  Companies and TMCs alike must accept the future or be prepared to lose control. Cost factor will still call the shots in 2019 as it has been in the previous years. Business travel cost is something which is really controllable as an expense area. Travel managers will need to strike the right chord between cost and corporate goals considering the needs of the employees.

Power of AI:
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chat-bots will impact the way travel management is conducted driving personalization. As advances in AI continue to rise, travel management software can optimize, simplify and streamline business/corporate travel program experience.

Travel compliance and data security:
Travel managers need to do their act right when it comes to balancing data security and savings, given the fact that booking on a third-party travel discount website may require you to cede data to a non-secure website. Travel management software or tools should guarantee a combination of best fares and secured bookings. Also, travel managers should enforce compliance across the global supply chain.

Drive financial control through business intelligence:
As global travel costs escalate with increase in global airfares and hotel rates, travel management software will explore fresh opportunities to generate cost-savings. The role of Business Intelligence (BI) will be more critical than ever in turning big data into visual analytics that help quickly discover insights and customer behavioral patterns over time.

Duty of Care:
Global business travel is not without challenges, one of which is the pressure to keep employees travelling safe all the time, be it travelling within their own city limits or across the borders. It is a tough ask for businesses to come up with process audit of travel risk prevention and security. TMCs no longer audit travel security lapses. That is why travel management software should form travel security risk management the core of travel program policy.Customer-centric approach to travel booking:
As travel booking technology becomes smarter, they should try to adopt a more customer-centric approach. Considering how the online aggregator market is disrupting the travel booking space, travel managers should be more agile in responding to the needs of the employees travelling every time and invest in intelligence solutions that make ‘bleisure’ a breeze.

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