There is a report rife throughout the industry, according to the Business Travel Magazine, that we will soon witness an airfare escalation by 2%, and as a result, companies either need to gear themselves up for the coming price hikes or look at ways to counter its impact so as to not hit the bottom-line.

This said will travel management help clients manage budgets and draw out the best value from the air travel expenditure? The best part involves investing in recruiting a dedicated travel manager alongside the technical advantage of state-of-the-art travel management tool like Tripeur. The travel manager should act as the in-house fare analyst that can manage and negotiate airline contracts, whilst also creating greater access to travel management content.

The focus should centre on innovation and technology, as well as the experience and expertise of the organization’s travel manager and the department as a whole. It is the responsibility of the department to identify the correct travel management tools and software, fluctuation in ticket fares, even after ticketing, offering competitiveness, flexibility, and value via a managed travel approach. With the adoption of a complete travel management suite like Tripeur running 24 x7 in the background, in addition to a manned fares desk helping the operational team with experience in the backstage–these are definite advantages for a company’s client.

Last year saw Tripeur bring considerable savings to its client base over a 12-month period, especially in the long run which means that we are today even better armed to predict the impact of airfare increase across the travel industry.

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