Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and chatbots are silently transforming the way business travellers manage their travel experience, and clearly represents the ‘future wave’ of customised, integrated and intuitive travel management. These technologies definitely make life easy if you need to make frequent business travels. They are beginning to act like a skilled consultant that offers timely travel assistance.

Things have been changing for sure, and a lot of companies have started to adopt these technologies to improve their travel experience mainly in the areas of travel spends management, reconciliation and travel policy compliance. Their main objective is to identify gaps in travel technology and to develop optimal solutions for real-time monitoring and synchronised assistance.

Thiagarajan Rajagopalan of Tripeur, says,” Tripeur is a combination of AI-augmented technology and chatbots that gives the best of both technology and human experience factor. Not only will it fulfil basic booking process, but also comes with integrated trip approval process, travel policy compliance, in-built expense reports, employee tracker and smart travel analytics —everything that will make light work of the often cumbersome and tedious business travel process.”

Built with features that support live assistance on the go as expert travel consultant, Tripeur enhances human experience and expertise rather than replacing it altogether.

“What we are aiming at is offering custom-built experience personalised to suit the traveller’s needs, rather than simply delivering technology serving the CFOs, travel agents and travel managers. For us the traveller’s experience is of primary concern,” says Thiagarajan Rajagopalan, founder of Tripeur.

Also, there is a growing voice globally within organizations demanding higher flexibility and greater choice. All innovations must be targeted towards enabling superior travel experiences and one that is purely intuitive and human-behaviour centric.  Further, the most intuitive of the travel experiences is a blend of historical data based on previous travel trends and patterns and human experience that will address one’s travel needs best.

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