The more one does business travel, the better he or she will understand what to expect every time out of travel management software. What in case of an emergency or crisis, for example? What are the values mostly identified with such situations.  The decision to go for travel management software also depends on how a travel manager assesses the perceived values.

Communication is everything when it comes to the booking process. A good travel management software should ask the right questions in line with the travel policy. Any adjustments in the schedule should be properly communicated. This means that the traveller is already in the loop.

The convenience of a travel management suite should be travel policy based, while matching with the price. The convenience factor should also go into detail the analysis of the travel spends with the advantage of bespoke services of the software consistent with your requirements. It should describe the preferred vendors, travel preferences and personal travel records and eliminate the stresses surrounding booking travel, while giving you good control over the booking process that is consistent with the corporate travel policy.

Emergency Assistance:
Whether it is terror strike, volcanic activity or public strike, a traveller will be better off with a travel management suite.  A traveller tracking solution combined with Duty Of Care (DoC) is a must have feature in tracking down travellers with the needed information and updates in real time.

Value for money:
What do you prefer – monetary savings or the time savings, or both? A travel management tool makes short work of tireless search online and guesswork. It is the advantage of detailed Management Information reports that cut through traditional travel analytics and data. Access to travel policy, supplier details and performance against budget, in addition to travel spend data is invaluable, particular when it is readily available and measurable.

Corporate Rewards Schemes are a great way to earn some reward points on every trip when travel policy compliance is consistently met. The beauty of it is that you don’t have to do anything extra than simply adhering to the travel policy.  For example, if you book a flight, you will be awarded with business reward points that you can redeem against flight ticket costs and upgrades, or in some cases accommodations, car rentals or lounge access. Any travel management software should be able to put up available reward scheme and feel free to discover schemes that maximize value based on travel spend. Do share what you find as the most valuable insight from a Travel management tool. We would love to hear from you.

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