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Tripeur Travel Bot

There’s always a “BOT”ter way to do things.

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Tripeur Travel BOT
Travel BOT

Seriously. It’s that simple.

It’s way more than a chat BOT – taiva is your

analytics-driven virtual business travel assistant on the go

email bots-based booking engine

  • Just talk to your email or WhatsApp. No more form fills
  • Fare display as per corporate policies
  • Auto approvals based on corporate policy

Continuously influences the user-behavior for compliance

  • Behavior nudges to select the optimal fare
  • Gamified corporate travel with rewards for the highest saver

taiva knows your preferences 

  • Personalized experience as the BOT remembers your preferences
  • Single sign-on and access through any channel

Your virtual companion to keep track of the travel expenses

  • “What-If” analysis to plan the policies by comparing various scenarios
  • Recommends an update to the policy based on business goals

AI-led travel bots make it all possible

Tripeur Travel BOT

Savings that CFOs love

Change the user behaviors to deliver YoY savings on travel spends and achieve 100% adoption of the solution. 

Tripeur Travel BOT

Experiences that Travelers love

Reduce the entire travel planning from weeks to a few minutes.

Tripeur Travel BOT

Efficiencies that Travel Admins love

The travel bots do all the heavy lifting of managing the entire travel plan. 

Tripeur Travel BOT

Transformation that TMCs love

Single solution for travel management and client engagement

Benefits beyond imagination.

24 Hours is all it takes to experience the power of Tripeur

No longer cycles of configuration. The platform is specially designed for Travellers, CFOs and the Travel Admins. It is ready-to-use and easily integrates with your existing infrastructure.  

Thousand transactions delivered so far


Annual savings delivered to CFOs

Thousand hours saved of travel teams and travelers


Reduction on booking time


Improvement in travel agent productivity


Improvement in traveler experience

Success stories

180% faster response to travel requests

See how Tripeur increased the corporate travel team efficiency by 180% within a few months for the leader in courier delivery services

4500 Travels Enabled per Month

How did Tripeur seamlessly scale-up with the travel needs of this fastest-growing startup that ramped up from 80 to 22K employees within 2 years? See how.

100% automated travel management

See how Tripeur fully automated the travel management for this online home interior design platform


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For TMCs
Complete solution from travel management to client engagement

For CFOs
Consistent YoY savings by changing user behavior

For Travelers
Superior experience for travelers with a virtual travel assistant

For Travel Admins
Unbelievable efficiency and ever-growing inventory
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